All Inclusive Experience

Free Bar & Food 24h

Entertainment & Animation - Peter Pan Staff

  • Animation with rich weekly program of sports activities, games, dance classes, tournaments and entertainment ... Disco for the most funky evenings
  • My Fitness Daily classes of gymnastics, aerobics, water-gym
  • Heated pool with inflatable game and jacuzzi
  • Free Beach, Private beach a step away from the room with 1 umbrella and 1 sunbed + 1 deck chair per room with 2 soft beach towels supplied (pre-arranged umbrellas);
  • Area Mam 24h Kitchen equipped to prepare baby food with homogenized, soft cheese, grated cheese, pastries, biscuits, various types of fresh milk, yogurt, vegetable broth and vegetable puree (all without salt), fresh fruit;
  • Doctor - Pediatrician on established days available within the Resort;
  • 24 hour reception with night attendant
  • Private enclosed private parking - unguarded (subject to availability)
  • Changing table available in the Bagni Comuni and Seggioloni or Raises for sitting at the restaurant;
  • Strollers available
  • Bicycles available with or without seats
  • Free Internet Wifi in the lobby, on the beach and in the rooms

Free Bar & Food for 24 hours without limits!

All Inclusive Experience
  • Free Bar dispenser with water and soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee served (espresso, deca, barley, cappuccino, latte, milk, tea, chamomile) with my thermos you can drink where you want even under the umbrella!
  • News 2018 Vegan Mix distributor of healthy beverages with fruits, vegetables, and ginger.
  • Free Drink at the Restaurant meals water dispensers and soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, still white wine, sparkling and red.
  • Baby drink dispenser suitable for children with strawberry, peach and banana juices.
  • Tisanito at the coffee and tea bar.
  • Free Ice Granite & Soft Ice available free all day in our "Pool Bar" by the pool
  • Kioskino by the pool: Grill and Snack Corner open every day from 10.30 to 18.30, to prepare fresh veg burgers and meat, fries. At the Corner salad buffet, vegetables, meats, cheeses, sauces and fruit.
  • The Buongiorno is seen in the morning just a few steps from the sea shore from 07.00 to 10.00 am the Rich Breakfast at the "Gran Buffet Internazionale" sweet and savory with kitchen at the time of sweet crepes, eggs of choice, gaufre, pancakes ...
  • "Blu-Sea" restaurant with seafront veranda; open for lunch and dinner with Live Cooking service: first and second prepared at sight at the moment. Grand Buffet of appetizers, salads, vegetables, first and second courses of meat, fish and vegetarians.
  • So many tasty pizzas & assorted focaccia, baked at the moment in front of your eyes by our pizza chefs for lunch and dinner
  • Free Sweet & Cream with artisan ice creams of your choice, buffet of desserts, cakes, puddings and pastries of our production, lemon and coffee sorbets and ... lots of fresh fruit
  • "Dolce Nanna" from 22 to the bar pastry and biscuits, hot teas, chamomiles or milk to reconcile sleep.
  • "Special Event" every night of the week "The fish party", "Sweets under the stars", "Donuts Party", Lolly Pop Explosion, "Waffel Party", "Fruit Caramel Show".
  • News 2018 Snack Box! convenient and practical container to use to prepare snacks by choosing any delicacy of our buffets.
  • Backpack to always carry your children's games with you
  • My Thermos to enjoy your hot or cold drinks wherever you want (1 per room)
  • Bongy Children up to 6 years will no longer stop jumping! jump jump do not stop!
  • PuppIce taste like crazy! the glass to taste the granite where you want.
  • Spiaggina the brand new sea bag for mom and dad
  • My Family Card gives you so many advantages! For example, you have immediately € 5 per day for the whole holiday!

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